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Why choose Vision Integrated Partners?

Whether you are looking for a partnership opportunity or a way to seamlessly transition your practice to prepare for retirement, the advantages of partnering with VIP are clear.

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Physician-Owned and Physician-Led Strategic Partnership with The Firmament Group.

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Partnership Benefits

Economic Benefits

  • Financial liquidity and security:  De-risk income from future uncertainties such as medical issues and disability, reimbursement cuts and regulation

  • Gain ownership in larger MSO to maximize return on investment

  • Grow current income through collaboration on growth strategies

Capital for Growth

  • Access to capital for state-of-the-art equipment and practice enhancements

  • Acquisitions of tuck-in practices

  • Investing in new physicians to help build the practice for the long term

Alleviate Burdens of Solo Ownership

  • Additional time to focus on delivering high quality medical care

  • Administrative support across HR and Payroll Services, Accounting, Employee Recruitment and training
  • Practice Development focused on identifying and maximizing growth opportunities

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